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So after  ameritas dental we finish with the leaf carbide we want to make sure that we use polishing so I like using this step polishing these are called footsies also from common you used a pink one first which is the coarse and then we use the white one.

ameritas dental
ameritas dental

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Which is a fine and that’s gonna give us a nice glossy finish so this nice glossy finish is gonna allow the patient to actually be able to clean .

well it’s not going to have any any micro leakage because all our margins are nice and clean everything is glossy and it’s important to go back to the beginning

Where we said that we need to have a composite or we need to choose materials that have the proper chemistry the proper components so this is actually nuance composite and that’s the composite that .

I prefer using which is from Dan matte so the newer ones composite what it does is it can polish very well so it mimics the tooth you can see the shade right here it mimics it very well but not only that it can actually be polished very easily what.

I like a lot about it is that it has a high content filler so with a high content filler is gonna give us a high gloss but it also doesn’t stick to your instrument so that’s the main selling point for me that a composite .

That does not stick to your instruments the composite that can be easily shaped if it can be easily shaped then we can go ahead and have successful restorations if you’re using another composite that has.

A high filler percentage and you want to see how you can make it a little bit more manageable how you can make it more malleable adapt to the.