Tips To Get humana dental In USA by Low Cost

Well you humana dental can’t pay people to come to the dentist so that you can get paid by the insurance company that’s a whole other problem so you need to pay attention to.

humana dental
humana dental

That you need to pay attention to how the credit balance happened if it’s a legit send it out .

Fast if it’s not legit and and let’s just say you have a patient who paid in advance for treatment and never finish

The treatment you can’t get a hold of them maybe they moved maybe .

They passed away you’re supposed to send it to your state you’re supposed to write a check to your state too many times it’s called .

Department of unclaimed funds sometimes it’s through your Department of Commerce you send it off to the state and you get it off your books and believe it or not doctors are starting to experience audits.

From the state for credit balances i’ve actually participated in three in the last three years and it was simply a credit balance audit you don’t know.

What to do with it because the person moved now that most of time smooth I don’t think there’s been a death but so what we what we say absolutely we’re working with clients and is we say you need to notify.

The patient immediately if you get that you be and you’ve come to remove down your due diligence and you’ve made sure that you are not doing a double adjustment because what Cherie said is absolutely .

True you you have to know how you have it set up in your practice software to Auto calculate adjustments in your fees did you click the buttons where it says how to calculate the adjustments and you’re already tracking that or do you need to manually enter the adjustments and write-offs you have to