How To Get Ameritas Dental Network

Ameritas Dental Network longer so it goes over there if you need it makes it real easy if the tray can’t be stretched it’s just too much Ameritas Dental Network  there’s just too much distance take the extra material and add to it simple as that if the you can do the same thing on the lower one of the big places you mix .

Ameritas Dental Network
Ameritas Dental Network

That miss is not getting into that retro mylohyoid area this tray will allow you to do so if the tray is too big and it could be for a small mouth take the warm tray and trim it with Dean scissors it cuts very easily and you can shape it opening up free ‘no taking off areas for and border molding materials .

Just whatever you want to do after you get it done you take it and smooth it with your hands and prepare the tray for final impression once you like the shape of the tray you place it in cold water and it hardens to its original hard state so now let’s let’s go ahead and make an impression.

I’m showing you a three thirty minute technique so we’ve got to get all this work done in appointment one in minutes I’m gonna recommend that you follow this technique but honestly you can use whatever impression technique and that whatever impression material you like.

I like dense placer ona’s aqua SIL ultra + lv fast set and if you look down on the lower right hand side you can see that it sets in two and a half minutes that’s a big deal for me and I like the various disco seats that comes in first step with.

The tray is take and paint adhesive into the tray that’s appropriate for the material you use this is a PVS tray adhesive this appropriate for the aqua sil I’m gonna first use aqua SIL ultra plus rigid fast set it’s.

A thick viscosity material and I found that it works real well for a boarder bowling my tray take your your painted tray and apply material all the way around the edges and applies the material in the middle and I’ll show you why take that to the mouth and again have a patient go through border molding motions now what you’ll do is leave it in the mouth for two minutes and two