A Simple Plan For Dental helps.

I  chained the team on why so my thought  would be somebody buying a practice in order to make the change I would you  know invested in front office rocks watch some of the videos yourself so you know what message do you want to get  across Twitter to the staff and then start to introduce the idea to the staff of watching the videos and maybe say listen here if you watch this video like.

I  think we should be doing it this way you think we should be doing it this way why don’t we agree to watch the video or a couple videos about that topic and then  let’s sit down and have a conversation about it let’s decide together what we should be doing in the practice the number one thing that I can suggest for doctors is open-door communication  you know getting with your staff having a communication with them being accessible to them and they didn’t really teach that in dental school they didn’t teach you.

How to be an owner they didn’t teach you how to be a manager and  how to grow a practice and deal with a staff and so the more that you can go in with an open you know open door with this resource with the training and the knowledge the less resistance hopefully you’re going to get from the team that’s  already there very good very good advice dental helps so I guess the for the people that have owned the process for a while and they’ve never introduced that culture of being better or something proven or anything like that it kind of be the same way for them then wouldn’t it yeah.

  I think for someone that’s already been in practice and if you’re getting any sort of resistance to doing some sort of training like this instead of looking at the training like a check sheet there’s like I said there’s over videos on this website and I’m always adding new  videos all the time as things come up people ask questions so if you hand it to me this here you have to watch Navy videos I think I would be resistant I have too much going on at the front thousand but if you come to the team and say you know hey here’s some areas we’d like to improve upon like maybe we can  get better at you know our AR and getting patients to pay or maybe.